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Day Nineteen

 A picture and a letter

This is most defiantly the hardest day ive done yet. I can think of the best way or thing to post, i’ve literally thought about it all day long. But i think i am going to do it in this way. 

Dear my younger self, sometimes i wish i did things differently, and went to school, and finished, and followed my dream and was a better person in general. Who knows where i couldve been in life. There’s so much i could’ve done but i did it how i did it, i cannot change it, so today i am going to embrace who i’ve become, and who i want to be. Live my life for me, and block out the negative, and embrace the positive, and amazing people i have at my fingertips. I have lots of things i want to do before i die. So remember new more older self, keep your head up, push through all the struggles . You’ll end up a stronger better person, and remember everything happens for a reason, and you’ll get where you want to be when the times right in your life.

I love myself, and always will mistakes or not, i will always keep my head up.

Day eighteen

A picture of your biggest insecurity

i am my own biggest insecurity, as a whole, i have a lot of little ones that make up as a whole. I’m learning and growing getting more confident. 

If you promise to stay, I promise to never hurt you.

 I never want you to walk out of my life, we were once so close. I beat myself up for doing what i did to you, it was so mean. I am so lucky you have a heart of gold, or a soft spot for me. I was terrified of hurting you, but i was young and stupid, and did so anyways. But i guess when one thing walks out of your life something else better walks in. I don’t think you understand how much you’ve always meant to me! I’m lucky that you forgave me for everything i did to you. Please never leave me again. xox 

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